Kenai River Charters

Kenai 1Taylor Thorp was born and raised a Southern Oregon outdoorsman. Taylor was very fortunate early on to have the opportunity to fish Alaska’s Kenai River, and, enjoy a number of Alaskan outdoor adventures with his father and family friends.  “As far back as I can remember, If I wasn’t in school, and it was daylight outside, I was out fishing or hunting with my father.” At the age of 10 Taylor found himself making his way back and forth to Alaska with his father enjoying hunting and fishing adventures.  “I was in on my first moose kill, and catching 40 lb. king salmon with my father at the age of 10.”

keni 4Taylor worked all through high school on the rivers between the Rogue River in Oregon and Salmon River in Idaho. By the age of 12 Taylor had tagged and bagged his first Oregon mule deer and black tail deer, & was rowing a gear raft down the wild n scenic Rogue River by the age of 15.  Shortly after graduating high school Taylor decided it was time to head North to Alaska. “In Alaska everything is bigger.” The Kenai River immediately captured Taylor at a very young age.  Now in his 9th season guiding, and 7th season in business with Kenai River Charters, Taylor is following his dream. Taylor is truly enjoying his passion and knowledge of the great outdoors.

kenai 3“Having fished the Kenai since 1976, Taylor/Kenai River Charters has provided us the best in world class fishing that we have ever had.  So amazing, we end our trip booking the following years’ vacation before we even leave Alaska!” Follow your dream of that perfect big game hunt or fishing adventure. Give Taylor a call today and book that trip that you’ve always dreamed of.